Why We Exist

We’re different. We really are. Why? Because we care more about our clients’ success and the work, than agency profits. Granted profitability matters, but it doesn’t drive us, it follows us. We do great work and success follows. It has for seven years.

Angie Maddox and Mark Sorensen started the agency after years of working at large agencies owned by global holding companies. They were both very successful in their respected fields of PR and Advertising. They won awards, made clients happy and took home nice salaries, but it wasn’t enough. They missed the independent agency culture that both started their careers in.

They realized that holding companies create a culture of infighting amongst their agencies. The agencies play nicely in front of the client, but then fight internally for the largest budget, not what’s best for the clients’ business.

Angie managed a 45 person Consumer Practice team that spread across Atlanta, NYC and LA. She headed the Best Buy and Home Depot accounts for her PR agency. She “collaborated” with digital and advertising “sister” agencies. She moved the needle for large businesses. Meanwhile, Mark was a creative at a large agency working on TV campaigns for AT&T, Capital One Banks, and any other client the agency put their best teams on. He learned about agency politics and that it wasn’t the best work that made it to a client, but rather the work that was best maneuvered internally.

When Mark was back freelancing, and Seed Factory was just forming as a thought in his mind, the opportunity to do Werner Ladders’ first national TV commercial presented itself. Concepting and producing a commercial for the largest ladder manufacturer in the world is a great way to start an agency. It was then followed by the opportunity to become Werner’s PR agency. Done. An agency was born.

Today, we continue to exist for the sole purpose of doing great omni-channel work for national and regional manufacturers, CPGs and service providers.

Let’s talk. You’ll soon feel the passion we have for every client engagement.