Werner Ladders TV Spot

Werner Ladders approached us to produce a web video that would run on espn.com and CBSsports.com during the March Madness NCAA Basketball Championship. The trick was that we only had three weeks to concept, present storyboards and produce it.

It was exactly the type of challenge we wanted to have to get our new Atlanta advertising agency up and running. We dove into it whole heartedly with clients that understood what we were up against. They agreed to listen to our opinions and be available to move the process along smoothly and quickly.

In less than a week (yes we work weekends) we were able to show them two rounds of storyboards. They loved the first round of storyboards, but asked for some tweaks. We not only came back with the tweaks they asked for, but with all new concepts also. One of which they all agreed was exactly what they needed. It so clearly demonstrated the product benefit that it was a no brainer.
They approved the storyboard on a Monday afternoon, we cast for talent on Wednesday and shot on Friday. Talk about a whirlwind week! But a great week, working with other talented people who wanted to get it done right and done on budget. We had already lined up our director which is one of the parts of the process that can take awhile, but because we had him on board early everything worked smoothly and we were able to produce a fantastic commercial.

And it wasn’t only a fast moving production schedule, it was Werner Ladders first true TV commercial in their 80-some years of being the #1 ladder company in North America. The results? They love it. From the highest of management and their board of directors through the great marketing managers who Seed Factory worked with on a daily basis. We look forward to working with Werner more in the near future and hope we can produce more spots like this for other equally fantastic clients.

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