Video plays exceptionally well for both B2B and B2C audiences, opening up opportunities for nearly any company in any industry to entertain and educate with video content. At a high-level, we believe B2C audiences want to be entertained with video and B2B audiences want to be educated (without being bored to death). For B2B the key is not to be boring. Try not to be so dry and mundane that people would rather read the same information on a web page. Often times you just need a person talking to camera, which can work because it’s their story, or they’re the expert. In that case, their knowledge is the most interesting thing, but you still need to make sure the production quality is good–audio needs to be clear and lighting needs to be interesting or bright and they need to be good on camera.

Most video productions we handle in-house at the agency, and most TV commercials we oversee with production companies and their directors in Atlanta, LA or NYC. The examples shown on this page are strictly in-house productions. TV commercial examples can be seen here, as part of larger case studies.

Scott Bikes

SCUF Reinvention

MLS United Parade

Atlas—Veteran’s Community Project

SCUF Senses

KontrolFreek—Stop Motion

Seed—Working Late

KontrolFreek—Logo Smash

Vibe—Maverick 120

Vibe—Holiday Video

Atlas—AsphaltLife Retreat

Atlas—Truck Giveaway





CDC Foundation—Launch

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