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Video plays exceptionally well for both B2B and B2C audiences, opening up opportunities for nearly any company in any industry to tell their story. At a high-level, we believe consumer audiences want to be entertained with story and B2B audiences want to be educated. For B2B the key is to not be boring.

Often times, with case studies for example,  you’ll need a person talking to camera–a testimonial. So what can you add to the story to make it more interesting? We always look to add B roll, and make sure the production quality is good—audio needs to be clear and the scene well lit. The quality of the camera matters and the final color and graphics help too.

Most video productions we handle in-house at the agency, while some of our larger TV commercials are managed through production companies with a director and talent of our choosing.

We’ve shot in Atlanta, LA, NYC, SF, Vancouver, Toronto, Kansas and a ton of smaller towns in between. Basically, we go where the story is best told.

SCUF Reinvention

Scott Bikes

Autohaus Social

Vibe Outdoors—Maverick 120

MODA Wire & Wood

Navicent HealthBrand Launch Campaign

Werner LadderSledgehammer

Central Logic & Banner Health

Atlas—Veterans Community Project

Unibloc Pump


AtlasAsphaltLife Retreat

SeedWorking Late: The Sequel


Tropical Smoothie Cafe

BURN Studios

Navicent Health

Atlanta United—Championship Parade




KontrolFreek—Logo Redesign Launch

BeauflorManufacturing in America

CDC Foundation—Brand Refresh Intro.

Atlas—Comercial Insulation Manufacturing

Atlas—Truck Giveaway

Werner Ladder—Wrestler

Werner Ladder—Soccer

CDC Foundation—Teens Linked to Care Documentary

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