Top 10 Best Margaritas in Atlanta

As we just hit our agency’s 3-year anniversary this week and we’ve launched a new website, we thought an internet-gift-to-you would be a nice commemoration. So here is what we think are the best margaritas in Atlanta in the form of a Top 10 for all our fellow Atlanta residents, and our out of town clients. Over a course of several months, the Seed team visited each of these places, took notes and drank a few margarita’s:

1.  Taqueria del Sol. We lean towards the Westside location as it’s five blocks from our office, but the Decatur location is a nice destination. We have no idea what they put in those big vats of goodness that the cashier dishes out to you in delicious little $5 glasses, but it has us craving them more than once a week.

2. Tin Lizzy’s Cantina. Grant Park location. We’re not sure if it’s the fact that the margaritas are phenomenal or that sitting rooftop in this historic part of town can’t be beat on a hot summer night. Whatever it is that makes us enjoy their margaritas so much, we’ll take two.

3. El Myriachi. Kirkwood. Their extensive list of variations is going to make you want to sample multiple. Try the Jalapeno version if you can handle it. Another upside is that if you and your dog are mellow, there might be the possibility of “sneaking” your dog on the patio.

4. Raging Burrito. Decatur. One of the best patios in the greater Atlanta area that is also dog friendly. We have to give a shout out to their frozen Strawberry margaritas. It’s the closest we can come to imagining a beach in Mexico some days. And if it’s too sweet for you, talk a friend into ordering a regular lime frozen and mix the two. It’s the classic swirl.

5. Bone Garden. Over in the New West–Ellsworth Ave. where businesses are shifting to because of the beltline making it’s way in one day and because West Midtown has gotten too expensive for rent, you will find Bone Garden tucked away in one of the business loft areas–The Lumberyard. Our employees find themselves there often enough that it must be the awesome margaritas. Give ’em a try.

6. Escorpion. Midtown. So many good margarita options here and the best chips and salsa in town. We faintly remember a 100 proof tequila that made a pretty potent margarita.

7. Pure. Inman Park. We actually like our version of their house margarita. Since their cans of Tecate are only $2, we enjoy slowly adding a little Tecate to our margarita as we drink it. You end up with a good margarita and a good beergarita.

8. Nuevo Laredo Cantina. In that weird northwest part of Atlanta. Just a great little classic dive mexican restaurant that reminds us of being in LA. Great food. Great margaritas.

9. Agave. Possibly because the chips and salsa are so good. Possibly because the owner bought one of our houses. Either way, you’ll enjoy sitting at the bar for appetizers and margaritas, or having a nice sit-down meal.

10. Holy Taco. East Atlanta. The patio, funky EATL vibe, and people watching make an afternoon delight with a few of their margaritas.

Did we miss any? For sure, but at least this will get you started. Make sure to remember this post come summer time, which is the BEST time to drink margaritas.

Originally published Jan. 28, 2015

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