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If you Google “content marketing strategy”, you’ll find more than 980 million page results. It’s undoubtedly been a hot topic over the past few years and if you have a marketing role, you are probably asked continuously about the best content strategy and approach. For PR professionals, content strategy isn’t new, but instead another term for planning and executing a brand’s narrative.

There’s a lot of research and compelling reasons why content marketing is essential to the success of your marketing efforts. These benefits should help you understand the importance of a strong content marketing strategy, especially as you plan for 2019.

  1. Build Once, Use Multiple Times: As internal teams get stretched and budgets tighten, marketing departments are constantly being asked to do more with less resources. With a strong content marketing strategy, you can build content that will not only live on your main point of communications (your website as an example), but can also be cross-promoted through other key marketing channels. For example, our kayak manufacturing client recently introduced a product that was cross-promoted using multiple touch points, utilizing consistent visuals and messaging: PR to secure editorial coverage, digital advertising, search, social, print and email marketing.Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 130T Content
  2. Ensures Consistency: By simply going through the motions of content planning, you’ll begin to ensure consistency in your communications. What I’ve found helpful is when my agency develops a master calendar that highlights the content strategy, social calendar, product introductions, and initiatives all in one central location. For this master document, we also highlight the overarching message and proof points that ensure consistency in these marketing activations.
  3. Helps with SEO: A strong content marketing strategy goes hand in hand with improving SEO. After a company has developed positioning that defines what the brand stands for, what its unique differentiator is, what it wants to be known for and what its key messages are, a similar process can be taken with SEO. Identify the language (keywords, or more appropriately key phrases) that people use to research your company’s category, industry, products, services or competitors and then write content relevant to these. The more often you use these keywords on your site, the higher it’ll rank for SEO purposes. Google ranks sites with consistent keywords and fresh keyword content as more relevant sites for their users. Start mapping out your content strategy for the year and drive people to your site, based on these keywords.
  4. Keeps the Discussion Going: Similar to the monthly approach we take to build content calendars for our brands’ social channels, we also broadly map times of year for specific topics to develop content around. If you manage a consumer brand, you can use seasonal moments in time to connect with audiences in relevant ways. If your company is B2B focused, map out the industry and customer events you’ll be participating in and drive the narrative to time with these key events. Remember, the content should be relevant and timely to engage consumers in a way that is appropriate to their current interests or needs.
  5. Helps Target your Audience: In any given week, your team may be talking to a host of different stakeholders and influencers for your organization or brand. From customers to partners to media influencers and brand ambassadors, it’s important to tailor the message and tone to the appropriate person. A targeted content marketing strategy will help that approach and ensure you aren’t leaving anyone out of the conversations.
  6. Builds Credibility and Influence: This may seem like the most obvious reason but it’s worth stating. When a company and/or brand shares their POV on applicable and timely topics, the larger following and credibility they will build. For B2B, focusing on quality, educationally driven content will help position your company as a thought leader or expert in the respective category. For example, we work with the largest ladder manufacturer in the world and we partner with them to consistently build a narrative around our agreed upon key message. From contributed articles to in-person training sessions to national initiatives, this key message is at the beginning, middle and end of every discussion. What makes us successful is the credibility this company has built in their industry and how they keep the conversation going. It’s become an ownable platform they want to be known for and that key attribute comes through in the messaging for the majority of their news coverage.


Content Marketing Strategy-Six Benefits

I walked past a USA Today newspaper at Panera Bread and the cover story was something to the likes of, “Country’s mood is optimistic about the economy”. All of the clients and friends I ask, “How’s it going?” usually reply with a “really busy”. And I believe they are. Everyone I know seems to be working 10-14 hour days.

As part of a start up agency, I always want to be busier than we are. I always want us to be working on more projects. But then I did something today; I made a list of what we’ve done in just the past month. And you know what? We’ve been really busy too. Really busy.

So let me bore you with my list, if for no other reason, I think it provides good context for our “Capabilities” page. It’s one thing to see our capabilities listed on a page, but it’s more comforting to know what we’ve actually been doing. Some of the things on this list are directly for our clients and some are from us contracting out to larger agencies. Either way, it shows some of the “capabilities” we have been putting to use at Seed Factory lately.

Here it is:

  • Supervised a photo-shoot in Kansas City
  • Recorded a radio commercial
  • Managed print-production of a 24 page brochure
  • Designed a logo
  • Designed two micro-sites
  • Art directed 3 print campaigns
  • Concepted print, radio, out-of-home and guerilla for a new summer exhibition
  • Concepted national TV for a mega-jewelry store brand

So there you have it. If you need an agency to help with anything similar, or anything listed under our “Capabilities” page, we’d love to work with your company because we love the work we do helping brands grow.

Staying Busy is a Good Thing.

Werner Ladders approached us to produce a web video that would run on espn.com and CBSsports.com during the March Madness NCAA Basketball Championship. The trick was that we only had three weeks to concept, present storyboards and produce it.

It was exactly the type of challenge we wanted to have to get our new Atlanta advertising agency up and running. We dove into it whole heartedly with clients that understood what we were up against. They agreed to listen to our opinions and be available to move the process along smoothly and quickly.

In less than a week (yes we work weekends) we were able to show them two rounds of storyboards. They loved the first round of storyboards, but asked for some tweaks. We not only came back with the tweaks they asked for, but with all new concepts also. One of which they all agreed was exactly what they needed. It so clearly demonstrated the product benefit that it was a no brainer.
They approved the storyboard on a Monday afternoon, we cast for talent on Wednesday and shot on Friday. Talk about a whirlwind week! But a great week, working with other talented people who wanted to get it done right and done on budget. We had already lined up our director which is one of the parts of the process that can take awhile, but because we had him on board early everything worked smoothly and we were able to produce a fantastic commercial.

And it wasn’t only a fast moving production schedule, it was Werner Ladders first true TV commercial in their 80-some years of being the #1 ladder company in North America. The results? They love it. From the highest of management and their board of directors through the great marketing managers who Seed Factory worked with on a daily basis. We look forward to working with Werner more in the near future and hope we can produce more spots like this for other equally fantastic clients.

Werner Ladders TV Spot

We’re so happy for our wonderful clients at Museum of Design Atlanta who just won a gold and bronze Addy Award for our work with them on the bathroom design exhibit and the Graphic Intervention Exhibit on international AIDS posters.

Our work, for the AIDS exhibit won a gold and our “duck bombing” stunt for the bathroom exhibit took home a bronze. These both come in the Atlanta regional show, but can now move on to the national competition. There’s a lot of Atlanta advertising agencies for companies to work with so we’re happy our clients work was recognized. What may be just as cool as these awards though, is that the case study video we created about the duck bombing stunt is already being studied in schools as far away as Germany.

Kudos to all involved.

MODA Client wins Gold & Bronze ADDY

Plain and simple, as an Atlanta advertising agency, we do what we can to help companion animals in our community. We have been fostering a dog who has spent the whole 8 months of her life in a shelter and recently got the chance to promote her on the local news. It was a fun opportunity to highlight this wonderful dog and get an inside look at a newscast being produced.


Seed Factory Loves Dogs

Opening up the FastCompany.com site today, we saw our friend’s company being featured front and center. (Check it out here). He’s a former copywriter partner of ours that has left traditional advertising to start RecordSetter.com. He’s regularly featured on Jimmy Fallon and gets to be the official record referee for famous people like Cameron Diaz when she sets a world-record like “Most Bunnies Snuggled with in a Hammock”.

So, what record do you want to set? The only real limits are your imagination and your own built in fun-factor. Next time they are in your town, it’s worth going to one of the RecordSetter parties. Or if you live in NYC, you’re in their town so you can go any time.

Here’s our Creative Director’s RecordSetter video from when they were in Atlanta a few months ago—

Are You a RecordSetter? We Are.


The nice thing about finally upgrading to an iPhone 4 from the 3GS, is that I cleaned out my photo album and found these photos from the last time we were producing a TV commercial in NYC.

We’ve produced great TV commercials in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Toronto and Vancouver, but you still can’t beat NYC or LA for the best talent when the budget allows.

The director of this particular TV commercial we’re talking about was Tony Kaye. He’s the mastermind behind the rather disturbing movie American History X. He’s also won a Grammy Award for a Johnny Cash video. The only thing I can really say about him is, eccentric. The man is eccentric and a little difficult to work with in the commercial space. But it was our actor kid’s first commercial and Tony Kaye got the kid to nail it. Our actor and editor were GREAT. The editor, Barry Brown, was Spike Lee’s editor for almost 20 years—for movies like Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X. He was such a humble, nice guy and great editor. Plus, he had some pretty good Spike Lee stories.

Bring this little Atlanta advertising agency your next TV campaign and we’ll see what we can do to get some of the best people in the country to work with us. Maybe you’ll get some of your own stories.

NYC, LA or ATL for Production?


This is our first blog post which is really nothing more than saying we’ve staked our claim in the digital soil of the internets. Two solid days of building this site and we’re live with Google Analytics, a Flickr account and all. Heck, we even have a client! Thank you Alliance Theater for being our first client! You won’t be disappointed. We have a grandfathered in client too–Museum of Design Atlanta, but we’ve been working with them for 8 months so they come to us by virtue of us just opening our doors.
We’re excited! Can’t wait to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary before we know it.

Flag Planted