Staying Busy is a Good Thing.

I walked past a USA Today newspaper at Panera Bread and the cover story was something to the likes of, “Country’s mood is optimistic about the economy”. All of the clients and friends I ask, “How’s it going?” usually reply with a “really busy”. And I believe they are. Everyone I know seems to be working 10-14 hour days.

As part of a start up agency, I always want to be busier than we are. I always want us to be working on more projects. But then I did something today; I made a list of what we’ve done in just the past month. And you know what? We’ve been really busy too. Really busy.

So let me bore you with my list, if for no other reason, I think it provides good context for our “Capabilities” page. It’s one thing to see our capabilities listed on a page, but it’s more comforting to know what we’ve actually been doing. Some of the things on this list are directly for our clients and some are from us contracting out to larger agencies. Either way, it shows some of the “capabilities” we have been putting to use at Seed Factory lately.

Here it is:

  • Supervised a photo-shoot in Kansas City
  • Recorded a radio commercial
  • Managed print-production of a 24 page brochure
  • Designed a logo
  • Designed two micro-sites
  • Art directed 3 print campaigns
  • Concepted print, radio, out-of-home and guerilla for a new summer exhibition
  • Concepted national TV for a mega-jewelry store brand


So there you have it. If you need an agency to help with anything similar, or anything listed under our “Capabilities” page, we’d love to work with your company because we love the work we do helping brands grow.

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