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Kontrol Freek was approaching their 10th anniversary with a brand identity that hadn’t changed much since the beginning. They had expanded their product line beyond the original product, but the logo wasn’t reflective of that. KontrolFreek’s color palette had become too strongly aligned with XBox video game consoles, but the products were equally designed for Sony PS4. They’re identity was becoming a hurdle to the fast growth they hope to continue enjoying.



We listened. We digested what we learned and we built an in-depth snapshot of who their audience was, what that audience identified with and the visual language they were surrounded by in social, digital, the game environment and in everyday life. We updated the creative brief in collaboration with the brand director and her team. We then began developing a new logo that could expand brand appeal, would work for a large breadth of products and could create a connection with their large and passionate fan base.
Once we created the new brand identity, we kicked into our advertising mode and created a digital and social logo reveal teaser campaign. And it was a success! Their audience has embraced the new identity and loved the teaser campaign, interacting with it on social media–where they have almost 1 million Twitter followers and 500k IG followers.
We continue to work with Kontrol Freek on brand and holiday campaigns between helping update their video content.



  • Favorable comments, brand affinity and strong engagement on social media
  • A more “gaming console neutral” view of product offerings
  • Easier path to product expansion
  • Table setting of successful negotiation for a Sony licensing product agreement
The Rebrand

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