CDC Foundation: Positioning + Branding


At the end of 2016, the Foundation issued a competitive RFP with the challenge of updating the non-profit’s brand positioning, story and visual identity, as a way to better connect with their key audiences.

As the selected agency, Seed Factory implemented a phased approach that included interviewing key stakeholders – board members, influential donors and partners – to determine how the brand could authentically evolve in today’s digital world. Through extensive research, creativity and collaboration with the CDC, we helped build their brand story, value proposition and brand positioning. The collective efforts led to a new logo, tagline and brand identity to better reflect the CDC Foundation’s mission.

When designing a logo, we think it’s imperative to have a strong visual mark that people will connect with and remember. Since the Foundation represents a nexus of relationships that can have a greater impact together, the new logo features three dots converging in its center. The blue dot represents the CDC, the purple dot represents the CDC Foundation and the teal dot represents the Foundation’s partners. Gray dots radiating out of the new logo’s center represent the impact created by working together. The tagline of “Together our Impact is Greater” reinforces that the power of collaboration is needed to save and improve lives. These dots are also used in creative ways across all communications assets – from business cards to stationary to brochures to be a subtle brand cue and tie back to the CDC Foundation.

Seed Factory also concepted, storyboarded and produced a brand video to be used on the website, in partner presentations and shown in the lobby of their Atlanta office.


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