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2017 will mark Beauflor’s first full year of manufacturing and distributing in North America, and both the company and their team at Seed Factory knew that it was crucial to make an impactful first impression in the minds of their customers. The International Surface Event held in Las Vegas served as the perfect forum to reintroduce Beauflor as a US manufacturer. Seed Factory developed a new booth design and promotional strategy, complete with updated graphics and call to action messaging, to give Beauflor a fresh start to the year and connect with their new American audience.


Seed Factory designed a 3,500 sq. ft. booth, which included product integration and multimedia elements, for an experience that would be both eye-catching and engaging. At the same time, Seed’s digital and PR teams built the brand’s US-facing online presence by developing a new website and initiating their media social channels. The team also utilized relationships with trade media and industry influencers to secure maximum exposure before, during and after the show.


The combination of content proved successful – not only did the clean, showroom-style floor plan and eye-catching graphics attract attendees into the booth, but Seed Factory also produced an action-packed video showing off Beauflor’s US headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, informative product displays, and collateral that prolonged their stays and aided salespeople in their customer interactions. Media coverage in the important trade publications helped inform potential buyers of the new products being made in the USA, and media appointments with key Beauflor executives in the booth extended coverage through the weeks following the show.


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