As an outdoor brand marketing agency and outdoor PR agency, Seed Factory has worked with many companies in the outdoor, sports, motorsports, adventure and bicycle industries. We understand lifestyle marketing and how to connect companies with consumers who want great products, but as importantly, want to represent brands that stand for values similar to theirs. Because of the passion and commitment consumers bring to these outdoor sports and recreational activities, companies can not just sell a product, they must build a brand by creating a tribe of like-minded consumers that believe in the same lifestyle.

From creative advertising to design and PR, we know how to get an audience interested in your brand. Through our extensive PR experience, we know the best and most engaging ways of telling your brand, product or service stories to a targeted lists of key influencers.

Please see our work below. At the very bottom you will find links to full case studies. If you’d like to read our related blog posts, try these– Outdoors in ATL, Ready for Summer, Free Sports & Outdoor Marketing, Outdoor Retailer POV, and our Interbike 2016 review.



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Even Inside, we're thinking Outdoors.


Our agency is in Georgia, but we also operate out of Colorado and SoCal.



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