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SMALL but BIG. That’s the agency model that works for us and our clients. The in-house, day-to-day team is small and efficient, but our network of copywriters, strategists, media planners, art directors, PR directors and developers is large and accomplished. We also partner with a media agency based in Orlando and Atlanta for larger media budgets.

Our teams have produced omni-channel campaigns and won creative and PR awards at some of the best agencies in the country. We have learned our craft from great mentors at large and small agencies alike. Outside of Atlanta, we have worked in New York, LA, Portland and Minneapolis so our experience is broad.

We bring our knowledge to your brand in a nimble, efficient package. Our core team will be involved in your business daily. Above and beyond that, we have the advantage over large agencies because we can make things happen quickly and without the layers. Take a look at our agency owners and some of our Super Team:

Angie Maddox
Angie Maddox
Managing Partner + PR Director
A strategic public relations professional, Angie has more than twenty years of agency and corporate experience working with brands including Werner Ladders, Anchor Hocking, Vibe Kayaks, Best Buy and The Home Depot. She has worked at both west coast and Atlanta PR agencies. Having served in a leadership role directing large teams and strategic planning on major PR initiatives, she applies her sharpness to every client challenge. Skills honed over years working with national media, consumers, CEOs and social influencers make her an invaluable asset to every client on the Seed Factory roster.

She brings a broad range of expertise that includes driving brand PR for consumer clients, leading product launches for B2B companies and managing consumer-education initiatives for leading retailers. Her experience in developing integrated marketing strategies and communications plans is an asset for any brand.

Mark Sorensen
Mark Sorensen
Partner + Creative Director
An award-winning creative director dedicated to smart strategy and positioning, Mark oversees the exceptional output of the agency. He has proven experience in knowing what it takes to stand out in the marketplace and make a memorable impression in digital, social, TV and every other medium available. He ensures brands clearly communicate from an engaging and tone-appropriate position no matter what the medium.
He has worked for a variety of global brands including AT&T, Belvedere Vodka, Bosch Geothermal, Capital One Banks, ING Financial, REI Outdoor Retailer and Werner Ladders.

Mark consistently delivers creative solutions that receive client praise and industry award recognition, including a prestigious Emmy Award nomination and a “Best Spot of the Year” accolade from Adweek magazine. He has been published in Communication Arts magazine, Luerzer’s Archive, and Print magazine. In the past he has taught creative concept classes as well as strategy classes in the Minneapolis and Atlanta advertising agency communities.

Super Team
Super Team
Creatives + Strategists + More
This is just an example of the contractor power we bring in for projects:
Troy L. has been a copywriter, creative director and agency owner during his 20+ years in advertising. He has won major awards including a Radio Mercury award and a few One Show pencils. One of his TV commercials was literally written into an Episode of Friends. He's worked on brands like Subaru and Belvedere Vodka.

Frank H. is our superstar developer. He can program anything and then house it in an easy to use CMS like WordPress. We like to brag that he's German because his efficiency and orderly attention to detail is such a perfect German stereotype that is also brilliant to have in your developer.

Joe K. is one of the brand planners we use for advertising and branding assignments. Although he lives in NYC, we fly him down as often as needed for client engagements and workshops. He has been on the client side with Absolut vodka and has led many Fortune 500 clients through positioning from the agency side.

Craig M. has worked as a copywriter and creative director in London, Boulder, LA and Atlanta. You would recognize his work on brands like Domino's, Burger King and more. He is definitely a top-of-the-food-chain writer.


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