Highlights from our Summer PR Successes

It’s been a busy summer for the Seed team, with exciting new branding assignments, video work, initiatives for the CDC Foundation and securing influential media coverage for our B2B and B2C clients. For some of our PR wins, we’ve flexed our best media muscles to secure earned media coverage, product placement and influential award listings for clients across multiple categories and industries. Included below are some of the highlights our PR team is proud to have been a part of:

Men’s Health (Influencer Reach: 1.8M) 

Men’s Health, the best-selling men’s magazine in the American market, highlighted Vibe Kayaks product in their May issue. The Element 45 Cooler was cited in the “Summer Gear” section, which recommended the unit as “The Upgrade” cooler to readers. The half-page feature includes beautiful product photography of the Vibe cooler holding drinks and ice.

The Profit (Influencer Reach: 500K)

As part of our product integration efforts for many of our clients, we successfully place brands in influential television shows and movie scenes, at no cost other than the product being donated. These placements have included Jurassic World, HGTV, Treehouse Masters, Save Our Shelter, and Cabin Fever, among others. Our latest placement is on the reality-TV show The Profit, a CNBC program about small businesses. The episode features a KNAACK JOBMASTER Chest in multiple shots, including the foreground of a scene.

Better Homes and Gardens (Influencer reach: 7.6M)

The July print issue of BH&G (a magazine that needs no introduction!) featured a summer “Tools and Tips” guide of the best products for DIYers. The guide included the Dual Purpose Ladder from our client, Werner Ladder, and included a great product shot for extra visibility!

New York Times (Influencer Reach: 30.1M)

The Times recently published an article in its travel series, What to Pack for a Trip to Boise, Idaho. This article recommended readers to plan a water adventure during their visit, and suggested that the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a comfortable and easy-to-paddle kayak to bring to Boise when planning a road trip.

Business Insider (Influencer Reach: 36.8M)

Business Insider’s gear review guide, “Insider Picks” is an industry leader in product reviews of all types. This summer they’ve covered two products for our client, Vibe Kayaks. The first review, The Best Kayaks You Can Buy, named Vibe’s Sea Ghost 110 and 130 kayaks as the best ocean sit-on-top kayaks:

“The Vibe Sea Ghost matches just about all the best designs from the best kayaks around but at somewhere around half the price. While it’s a bonafide fishing kayak, it maintains sleek lines, a luxurious and adjustable mesh seat, and accommodates most paddlers, along with most of their interests.”

The second review from Business Insider, The Best Coolers You Can Buy, includes Vibe’s Element 70 Cooler with Wheels- a part of the company’s own cooler line. The cooler is a recommended product in two market categories: “The Best Rolling Cooler” and “The Best Cooler for Long Term Use.”

Family Handyman (Influencer Reach: 1.2M)

This outlet is one of the most influential publications in the consumer DIY and home renovation industry. Its topics include best practices and tips for yard work, house repairs and organizational projects. In August, they included a review of the PACK RAT box, an organizational unit for trucks manufactured by our client, WEATHER GUARD:

The PACK RAT® works great to secure my tools, fishing gear, ratchet straps, tow straps and all sorts of other valuables.”

Inc. Magazine (Influencer Reach: 719K)

Inc. creates the notorious Inc. 5000 list every year, highlighting America’s fastest growing private companies in all market sectors. This year, Vibe Kayaks made the list at number 137! Their name was included in the print publication’s August issue.

Roofing Contractor (Influencer Reach: 25K)

In August, our client Atlas Roofing partnered with the non-profit Veteran’s Community Project to construct houses for homeless veterans. Roofing Contractor, a leading outlet in the roofing sphere, covered the event with a full-length article.

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