How Healthcare Providers Can Benefit from Social Media Monitoring


With social media, healthcare providers now have greater insight into the patient experience than ever before. With patients going online to research their health and talk about their concerns, it’s essential for marketers to have a plan in place for monitoring social media conversations. Doing so enables you to:

Become an Online Health Educator: Pay attention to posts about specific diseases and conditions or general health and wellness questions. This provides an opportunity to join conversations and talk about medical treatments and procedures or to serve up clinical expertise from your physicians. Providing valuable and interesting information lends credibility and establishes your organization as a thought leader.

Find Your Brand Evangelists: Monitoring can reveal those patients who voluntarily compliment your organization and its staff. Reach out to these advocates and keep an authentic connection and dialogue with them. Enable them to serve as ambassadors for your facility – many patients want to extend their gratitude and are receptive to telling their stories across multiple communications platforms.

Manage Your Facility’s Reputation: Uncovering conversations from patients who are frustrated can prevent a PR crisis and preserve your organization’s reputation. A monitoring service coupled with a plan for managing misinformation and negative comments enables you to quickly repair disparaging remarks before they escalate.

Tap into Market Research: While you can always pose questions, listening to natural conversations helps you better understand community needs and perhaps discover opportunities to serve patients’ unmet healthcare needs.

Keep Tabs on Competitors: Not only can you keep an eye on industry trends, you can keep an eye on your competition. What are their patients saying about them? What services and programs are they launching? This can be invaluable business intelligence for strategic planning.

Follow your Brand’s Health: The social listening platform helps you understand your brand over time and looks for trends related to your marketing efforts, buzz lifecycles and your share of voice.

There are numerous free monitoring tools (Klout, HootSuite, Google Alerts, Facebook Insights, to name a few) and many others with varying degrees of analytics and functionality. To help you get started on your research to the perfect monitoring service, we’ve listed a few others below: 


Trackur offers basic social media monitoring tools at affordable prices. Individual plans can be as low as $27/month, Companies $97/ month and Enterprises $197/ month.


Sysomos offers real-time search results to in-depth sentiment evaluation and text analytics.  The provider offers two products: Media Analysis Platform (MAP) and Sysomos Heartbeat with publishing components.

Radian 6

Tracks keywords across all types of social media, monitoring everything from location to sentiment and providing real-time data on a dashboard widget. You can create, schedule and control where your content is published.

Visible Technologies

Has two main programs: Visible Intelligence, for social media community analysis, and V-IQ, for brand reputation monitoring and defense.


Has a social media monitoring tool with some of the best reports in the industry. They do have automated sentiment mention. It is mid-market for pricing.

Sentiment Metrics

Sentiment Metrics does similar monitoring to all of these other services, with a focus on Sentiment; they offer demographic-specific visuals and email alerts whenever you get a negative sentiment mention in the press.