Free Marketing for the Sports and Outdoor Industry

That headline gets your attention doesn’t it? It’s actually not far from the truth. While we’re not offering our services for free, we do want to point out one very simple marketing solution that, if your company sells a product and isn’t doing this, you’re missing out on free branding. Any company that is in a category like sports, outdoor, bicycle, music or any other type of performance, competitive or passion category absolutely needs to include a sticker in every product package that gets shipped to any distributor, retailer or consumer.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a high-interest category like sports or outdoors, your consumers will happily be brand advocates if they are just given some simple tools. Like a sticker. If your sticker makes it on the back of their car, do you know how many people see that? It’s free branding. And what if they have some other great brands’ stickers on the back of their car? Instant borrowed equity and synergy with other like-minded brands.

Consider it social media for the real world. And it stays on your consumer’s “wall” for a lot longer than a “Like”.

The only catch? You’ll have to shell out 12¢ for the sticker. 

Here’s one place you can buy stickers.



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