We are proud of our clients and care a lot about their success. Some of our clients are project based; only engaging us as their needs dictate. Others have been with us since the beginning and continue to use us as their AOR. Our goal is to provide all clients with big ideas, smart positioning, strategic plans and tactical media outreach that yields big returns. If, as a client, you want your agency to be incredibly creative, yet on strategy, we would be a good fit. If you want smart, timely media outreach and social buzz, we would shine. If you want impeccable design and savvy digital, look no further. The below clients have been happy with our output and we aim to make you look like a rock star too.
past client
These are the brands we cut our teeth on coming up through the business. Actually, we did a lot more than cut our teeth on them. We helped move the needle for these brands when we were at larger global or independent agencies. Seed Factory’s agency owners have experience running 15-45 person media teams, creating positioning and taglines that shaped multi-year ad campaigns, shot $25k commercials and million dollar ones. They advised Microsoft on Y2K media crisis management, did media events with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguillera. They wrangled entire NBA and NHL starting line-ups for photo shoots and even shot a TV commercial that went viral with over 7 million views. And guess what? Our client experience is just that, in the past. So while Seed Factory looks forward to the great things we can do for you, it is always good to know where we came from and what we’ve done. That way you can trust us and begin to imagine what we will accomplish together.
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