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10 Favorite Projects Since Starting Seed Factory

We are coming up on nine years of having our marketing (PR & Advertising) agency, Seed Factory. When we started the agency, my business partner and I committed to investing at least one year to making a go of it. We didn’t start the agency for financial prosperity, but instead it would give us a...  Read Post

Paws for the Cause: Our Work on the Humane Society Tampa Bay Website

Projects that we get especially excited about are ones that support a greater purpose. The entire Seed Factory team loves animals and felt honored and passionate about working with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) on their website re-design. We established a new look and feel for the HSTB website as well as organized...  Read Post

Ad Agency New Business for Outdoor and Non-Profit Clients

We’ve had a busy fall at our Atlanta ad agency with a couple of new business pitches. We won one, and didn’t win the other. We’re really excited about the business we won because it is in the outdoor industry and the company has huge potential to become a major brand, but we can’t talk…  Read Post

Branded Video Content Ideas, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 Of How To Make A Memorable Video That Is Highly Viewed. These Tips Will Get You More Views And Help Build Your Brand. Don’t Forget To Review Steps 1-5 Below This Post. 6. Be weirder than weird. It’s always fascinating to watch weirdness and try to figure out why someone did something…  Read Post

Building a Brand with Video: How to Get More Views, part 1

Getting A Video Viewed By More Than The Amount Of Employees In Your Company Comes Down To Content Quality And Promotion (More On That Part Later), So Here's Some Ideas About What Makes A Good Branded Video. 1. Use physical comedy. We can’t stress this enough. People love physical comedy, and they love to share...  Read Post

Pro Sports Week at Seed Factory

Wow, what a week! We filmed a TV commercial on Tuesday starring WWE wrestlers Rey Mysterio and Alicia Fox, who are appearing in a new client spot that will air during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible clients to produce two TV spots for the NCAA over the past...  Read Post

Atlanta Agency, Seed Factory, Launches New Client Site

As animal advocates, the partners at Seed Factory, a PR and advertising firm, are passionate about working with companies who have a strong mission for what they do on a daily basis. When Atlanta Humane Society needed an Atlanta agency to develop a robust and easy-to-update website, we were honored to be selected as their...  Read Post
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