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Helping build a brand based on a powerful insight is our favorite type of work we do here at the agency. We had the opportunity to partner with Navicent Health to build a new, simple, understandable brand. Developing a branding campaign around a central truth is a tactic that all marketers can leverage within their health care organization. To read more about this campaign, please see the AMA article here.

Branding Emotion

After nine months of planning, 900 names, 30+ logos and taglines, more than 20 teaser ads and over 300 press event participants, our team was thrilled to officially launch Navicent Health.

The healthcare system, formerly known as Central Georgia Health System, has the second largest hospital in the state of Georgia (second to Emory), but was a virtually unknown entity outside outside of its core counties. Made up of more than 6,000 employees and 30+ facilities and service lines, we had the opportunity to rebrand the entire healthcare system. A new name, logo, tagline, brand standards, website, a brand essence video, press event and other content items are just many of the ways we’ve partnered with Navicent Health to unveil their new brand and mission. For more information, see our case study.


Healthcare Brand Launch

Here’s Part 2 of how to make a memorable video that is highly viewed. These tips will get you more views and help build your brand. Don’t forget to review steps 1-5 below this post.

6. Be weirder than weird. It’s always fascinating to watch weirdness and try to figure out why someone did something so odd. YouTube is a great place to do this and people love to share these “freaky weird” videos. If your brand is brave enough to go this route, it can pay off significantly because viewers will appreciate the risk your brand took to entertain them. Maverick brands that create this type of content can attract some of the strongest, most die-hard advocates on earth. Just remember to make sure that in all of its video weirdness, you understand who your audience is, you have an underlying brand message, or you’re willing to have the weirdness “sponsored” by your brand. As brands become facilitators of entertainment, it’s ok to simply be a curator or sponsor of content.

7. Put a prank or stunt in it. If you can pull off an amazing stunt or prank that people believe is real, or it looks so cool they excuse the slight of hand used to seam it together you can get major views as debates ignite over if it was real or not.

8. Put babies or really cute kids in it. Especially if the target audience is female, or better yet, mothers, your brand will win going this route. But again, it needs to feel honest, sweet or just captured as a sincere moment of life. If you can’t pull honest, sweet or sincere off perfectly, go with funny and still put babies in it.

9. Make it Beautiful. Get out your brand-building wallet and support a visually stunning, cinematic masterpiece with an amazing music score that explains what your brand stands for. No matter how busy and fast-paced our corner-cutting society becomes, people will take notice. There is something so eloquent in a great piece of film that has been crafted to show the world in a different, more beautiful light; Something that gets people to slow down, watch, appreciate and share (hint: sometimes that “thing” is the beauty of seeing the world in slow-motion).

10. Advertise and Promote your Video. Yes, that’s right, you can actually do a paid YouTube media buy for your video. And you can be very specific with who it’s served to and where they are geographically. How dare I suggest that you do a media buy for your video on YouTube? After all, it’s supposed to be this place where your video just gets all these free impression from people dying to watch what you created. But even with all the outlined video strategies, there’s no guarantee that any video you do will go viral. Remember your video will be competing against all the great video content that doesn’t have a brand message or any standards to uphold. These videos are the ones that often go viral and get millions of views because they really don’t have any other motive than to entertain. So why not, as a brand, pay to have your video shown “pre-roll” to another video? Or have it show up in Recommended Videos sidebar. And what might be the best deal around is that with a YouTube media buy, you can pick up thousands of brand impressions for nothing. Think of it as a sort of “value-add” to your media by if you set it up right.

As for promoting your video, you’ll want to do more than post it to your company Facebook page. You’ll want to dedicate a budget to a true PR effort aimed at blogs in your industry. If you can get a few good blogs to pay attention and push it out to their subscribers, you can gain 30,000 views overnight. And if your video has mainstream appeal or something unique and funny in it, then you need to put the effort into having it picked up by mainstream entertainment and news sites like Buzzfeed and Digg.

Whatever type of video you end up creating, chances are it won’t go viral on its own. It has to be good, and it has to be promoted.


Branded Video Content Ideas, Part 2

With social media, healthcare providers now have greater insight into the patient experience than ever before. With patients going online to research their health and talk about their concerns, it’s essential for marketers to have a plan in place for monitoring social media conversations. Doing so enables you to:

Become an Online Health Educator: Pay attention to posts about specific diseases and conditions or general health and wellness questions. This provides an opportunity to join conversations and talk about medical treatments and procedures or to serve up clinical expertise from your physicians. Providing valuable and interesting information lends credibility and establishes your organization as a thought leader.
Find Your Brand Evangelists: Monitoring can reveal those patients who voluntarily compliment your organization and its staff. Reach out to these advocates and keep an authentic connection and dialogue with them. Enable them to serve as ambassadors for your facility—many patients want to extend their gratitude and are receptive to telling their stories across multiple communications platforms.
Manage Your Facility’s Reputation: Uncovering conversations from patients who are frustrated can prevent a PR crisis and preserve your organization’s reputation. A monitoring service coupled with a plan for managing misinformation and negative comments enables you to quickly repair disparaging remarks before they escalate.
Tap into Market Research: While you can always pose questions, listening to natural conversations helps you better understand community needs and perhaps discover opportunities to serve patients’ unmet healthcare needs.
Keep Tabs on Competitors: Not only can you keep an eye on industry trends, you can keep an eye on your competition. What are their patients saying about them? What services and programs are they launching? This can be invaluable business intelligence for strategic planning.
Follow your Brand’s Health: A social listening platform helps you understand your brand over time and looks for trends related to your marketing efforts, buzz lifecycles and your share of voice.


There are numerous monitoring tools (Klout, HootSuite, Google Alerts, Facebook Insights, to name a few) and many others with varying degrees of analytics and functionality. To help you get started on your research to the perfect monitoring service, we’ve listed a few others below:

Trackur: Trackur offers customizable social media insights and monitoring tools at affordable prices for individuals, small companies, large corporations and agencies.
Social Studio: Salesforce launched Social Studio, which is a combination of Radian6 and Buddy Media. It combines a social media monitoring platform with content publishing capabilities.
Brandwatch: Brandwatch has a social media monitoring tool with some of the best reports in the industry. The tool offers brands the ability to get in depth market research while also measuring campaign impact and the social conversation..
Mention: Mention combines social monitoring, analytics and competitor updates. The real-time dashboard also sorts by social authority, accounts with the most reach and negative mentions. This tool will help you to better reach and engage with your advocates.
Keyhole: Keyhole allows brands to become thought leaders by tracking specific industry keywords and hashtags, for real time or future engagement. The platform also allows brands to monitor both their own and competitors posts to help optimize content strategy.
Sentiment Metrics: Sentiment Metrics does similar monitoring to all of these other services, with a focus on Sentiment; allowing brands to engage with consumers to maintain positive perception and reputation quickly and efficiently.

How Healthcare Providers Can Benefit From Monitoring and Listening to Social Media Channels