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As a relatively young brand, Vibe Kayaks had successfully developed a strong following with products that filled a price niche in the fishing kayak market. While enjoying growth, they came to Seed Factory to help support the positive momentum they had built. They knew that marketing was a key element to sustained and even accelerated market share.



We took a holistic view of the brand to determine the best approach, tone and marketing tactics that would resonate with their current customer base as well as new customers—the outdoor and active minded consumer. We employ a fully integrated marketing effort—using consistent visuals and messaging—to promote their branditude across all customer touch points. This includes advertising (print and digital), photography, video, search, social, PR and email marketing.



  • Increased product sales in all categories that also led to the Vibe Element Coolers selling out of inventory within four weeks.
  • Increased social media engagement—their Instagram following increased from 12k to over 27k followers with an average of 600 likes per post.
  • Secured strong editorial coverage, including coverage in Men’s Health (cooler) and the New York Times (kayak) plus many more reviews and product features in endemic media as we’ve helped build stronger relationships there.
  • Increased brand exposure through use of more brand ambassadors, engaging and promoting Pro Team members and developing contributed content from Vibe leadership team.

Editorial Coverage – Traditional & Online

Social/Original Content

Content Development – over 25 blog posts and counting

Social Advertising


Print Advertising

Tradeshow Design and Media Briefings

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