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Teens Linked to Care (TLC) is a three-year pilot project in collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the CDC Foundation. It aims to develop a framework for schools to address HIV, STD, teen pregnancy and high-risk substance use among rural teens through education and primary prevention.

The CDCF was in search of cohesive brand for the program that would both articulate the program’s message to potential donors and would allow the teens in the program to feel more ownership of TLC.

The foundation also needed a documentary video for the program to demonstrate the positive impact that TLC is having on teens and their communities, in order to garner further fundraising and continue the program.



When creating the branding for TLC, we took a three-fold approach. First, we created a simple, strong tagline to resonate with stakeholders. Next, we created an entire graphic identity through a logo mark, typography, and color palette that represented TLC’s tone; this was done with input from participating advisors and teens. Finally, we created an identity system that included business cards, a letterhead and an email template to facilitate clear branding on all communication.

For the video, we focused on highlighting the human element of the project: the teens and advisors administering the program. By allowing these individuals to explain why the program has meaning to them, stakeholders can clearly visualize the need for outreach in these at-risk communities and can fully understand the benefits of TLC.



  • Comprehensive branding materials that clearly articulate the mission of TLC.
  • Created promotional materials to hand out to students at participating schools; the TLC logo incorporated city names to help locals feel more connected to the program.
  • Four videos were produced and shown to key stakeholders in the communities, at the CDC and for important donors/philanthropists at a conference. The videos emotionally moved people and allowed them to understand, first-hand, the importance of the program and the positive effect it is having on the communities.


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