Client: Powersmart


/Turn-Key Video Production


As a new low-cost brand, Powersmart obtained distribution in Home Depot, Walmart and Canadian Tire. Because of this fantastic retailer presence, they needed creative assets at a quality level that would support these demanding expectations.



With the creative production budget being a concern, Seed Factory was able to package together a 3-day video and photography shoot in Colorado. We produced a video for each snowblower model, a total of 10, plus French versions for 3 of the models being sold in Canada. We also shot lifestyle and product detail photography for their website. We then updated the website with better typography, headlines, writing and all video/photography from the shoot. After that, we created an out-of-home and poster brand campaign targeted at locations near key northern retail stores.



The client was able to get a turnkey solution for creative assets that exceeded their expectations. The retail buyers loved the results too. The marked improvement in creative execution significantly increased Powersmart’s brand perception and contributed to securing additional product distribution with their current retailers. Seed Factory was able to produce and execute a large production, in a scrappy and efficient way that bucked the budget norm. And yes, Atlanta agencies like to play in the snow too.

Product Videos



OOH & Posters