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Oaks Communities provide affordable housing for seniors. The logo did not communicate the warmth and care of the service and the website was outdated, non-emotional and hard to navigate for their core audience. After twenty-five years of dedicated care for their senior residents, and a major remodel, it was time to put some of that love back into their brand identity. Seed Factory’s challenge was to update the non-profit’s brand identity, collateral and website.



We used a color palette that would invoke nature and calmness. We created a responsive logo that could be used across many applications, sizes and channels. The logo was designed to incorporate location versioning, including multi-location versions. A serif typeface was customized to give a sense of tradition and stability, but with more modern form factors. The focus of the website was UI/UX for their senior users. We made it very simple to customize the text size, presented important content in high contrast, kept text in small digestible portions and implemented navigation in a way where users could utilize the scroll bar or click interaction.



  • A logo that was enthusiastically received by both staff and shareholders. (In fact, they liked two presented logos so much that one became a watermark.)

  • Branding and website that employees expressed pride and joy in.

  • Photography that represented the environment and lifestyle in an uplifting, welcoming way.

  • The brand identity was executed across many items that ranged from as small as a pen and as large as a bus.


Identity System & Collateral


Bus Wrap

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