NYC, LA or ATL for Production?

The nice thing about finally upgrading to an iPhone 4 from the 3GS, is that I cleaned out my photo album and found these photos from the last time we were producing a TV commercial in NYC.

We’ve produced great TV commercials in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Toronto and Vancouver, but you still can’t beat NYC or LA for the best talent when the budget allows.

The director of this particular TV commercial we’re talking about was Tony Kaye. He’s the mastermind behind the rather disturbing movie American History X. He’s also won a Grammy Award for a Johnny Cash video. The only thing I can really say about him is, eccentric. The man is eccentric and a little difficult to work with in the commercial space. But it was our actor kid’s first commercial and Tony Kaye got the kid to nail it. Our actor and editor were GREAT. The editor, Barry Brown, was Spike Lee’s editor for almost 20 years—for movies like Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X. He was such a humble, nice guy and great editor. Plus, he had some pretty good Spike Lee stories.

Bring this little Atlanta advertising agency your next TV campaign and we’ll see what we can do to get some of the best people in the country to work with us. Maybe you’ll get some of your own stories.

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