Building Materials Construction Site image for marketing collateral

Building Materials – Marketing Collateral Photoshoot & PR Case Study

Because of the amount of marketing work we do in the building materials industry, we often times find ourselves on construction sites. Sometimes it’s to interview contractors and produce case study videos, other times it’s to document and photograph product installations so we can use the images later for online case studies, editorial coverage, marketing collateral and other materials like trade show graphics. This past week, our Creative Director (who is also an experienced photographer) found himself 8 stories up, harnessed in on the roof of a resort being built in Park City, Utah. Not a bad view.

For us it’s a fairly simple process, but for our client there was months of collaboration and negotiations with the sub-contractor to get approval for us to be way up on that roof with their installation crew. It’s very important to have a signed image release by the contractor before we get to the construction site. If you don’t have one, don’t go because you could end up with images that can’t be used. We have standard image releases that we can provide our clients, but often our clients have their own that have been created or approved by their legal team. It’s important to realize that these image releases often have to be simplified or adapted to make all parties comfortable with what is being signed.

For the shoot itself, we were given the green light on a Thursday, had airfare booked the same day for that Sunday evening, met our client’s sales rep. and contractor at the jobsite Monday morning and were back off the roof a few hours later. We caught a quick flight back from Salt Lake City at 5pm and were editing through hundreds of images and drone shots Tuesday morning. No problem. We do this all the time and love being on construction sites for building materials or in the factories where the building materials are produced. Heck, we love shooting photography and video in any industrial client’s facilities!

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