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As a CMO, CEO or Marketing Director at a building materials company, finding a marketing agency can be difficult. You need to find an agency that knows enough about the industry that they can pick up on your vertical fairly quickly. We don’t believe that experience in your exact category is necessary or even always good. Seed Factory has over a decade of building materials experience and we always start new client engagements on a project basis. We mainly focus on Marketing Strategy, Creative Content, Branding and PR for national manufacturers with small marketing teams. We can help you find and partner with seo/sem, social media and media planning/buying agencies.

If you don’t think we’re a good fit, there are other marketing agencies who have experience in building materials marketing. But first, have you seen our Building Materials Marketing specific page? Please check it out here.

Other industry agencies with description’s from their own websites:

Godfrey – We’re a full-service B2B agency, and we help complex B2B industries tell their stories in ways that delight their customers. We’re focused on industrial manufacturers, and our clients include some of the world’s most impactful B2B companies.

Aftermath – Located in Akron, OH and independent for 80 years and runnin’ — this isn’t some bloated agency with loads of layers and bureaucracy. We have the skills to fight above our weight and make work that reverberates. Come collaborate with the agency that wins concrete results and long-term loyalty.

BolinZwieg – For 73 years, BZ has partnered with companies across the globe to create exceptional brand and design experiences. We understand the many challenges and complexities facing businesses today.

Brunner – Brain Power for Business Climate Change™. We are a customer-centric marketing services agency that helps turn your challenges into successful outcomes.

Brandner – We know the nuts and bolts of the building industry. As a leading advertising agency in the construction business, we understand what you need and how to get it for you. Hit the ground running thanks to Brandner’s experience, connections and stronghold in the market.

GWP Inc. – Our agency is built to work as a team, and this team gets it done. Our competitive nature delivers results for our clients, helping them reach heights they never thought possible. We are a leading marketing agency in NJ for a reason.

StonerBunting – Specializing in B2B marketing for manufacturers of home and building products. We are not only experts in distribution channels, specifier engagement, dealer support, trade shows and public relations that support both residential and commercial markets  – we have been building relationships that get results for almost 40 years.

BLD Marketing – BLD Marketing is a digitally focused, full-service strategic marketing firm. We specialize exclusively in the commercial and residential building materials and construction category. (Personally, not our flavor, but agencies like this are out there if you’re not looking for strong creative executions and branding, but rather more tactical marketing.)

Seed Factory – This is us and here’s our Building Materials Marketing page. We like to begin on a project basis and build relationships from there. We help clients with creative content, graphic design and copywriting, video production and photography, ad campaigns and PR efforts. Our name came from the idea of helping clients find a brand positioning or an emotional campaign message and planting it in an audience’s mind. Now working out of Atlanta and SoCal.

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