Building Materials – Marketing Collateral Photoshoot & PR Case Study

Because of the amount of marketing work we do in the building materials industry, we often times find ourselves on construction sites. Sometimes it's to interview contractors and produce case study videos, other times it's to document and photograph product installations so we can use the images later for online case studies, editorial coverage, marketing...  Read Post

Marketing Plan Planning (and Doing).

If you Google “quotes about Planning,” the number of results shown is about 578,000,000. Reading through those quotes, you will see the words of hundreds of leaders, artists, poets, politicians, and writers driving in the same point: planning is essential. For people everywhere, planning is often the key to success. Understanding proper planning is so…  Read Post

Building Materials Marketing Agencies

As a CMO, CEO or Marketing Director at a building materials company, finding a marketing agency can be difficult. You need to find an agency that knows enough about the industry that they can pick up on your vertical fairly quickly. We don’t believe that experience in your exact category is necessary or even always…  Read Post

Atlanta Marketing Agencies

As a marketing director, CMO or CEO, finding an Atlanta Marketing Agency can be a time-consuming effort. You have to find the right service offerings, work or portfolio you admire and good human connections. We don’t believe that industry experience is always necessary, but it can depend on if it’s a complicated B2B space. Seed…  Read Post

The New Age of TikTok: 6 Tips for Your Brand

Today Seed is sharing six tips to help your company adapt to TikTok, as well as some key takeaways we’ve learned in the process of creating video content for a client. The digital world is always changing, so companies must adapt to keep up. TikTok (maybe you’ve heard of it?) is the latest major social...  Read Post

10 Favorite Projects Since Starting Seed Factory

We are coming up on nine years of having our marketing (PR & Advertising) agency, Seed Factory. When we started the agency, my business partner and I committed to investing at least one year to making a go of it. We didn’t start the agency for financial prosperity, but instead it would give us a...  Read Post

Paws for the Cause: Our Work on the Humane Society Tampa Bay Website

Projects that we get especially excited about are ones that support a greater purpose. The entire Seed Factory team loves animals and felt honored and passionate about working with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) on their website re-design. We established a new look and feel for the HSTB website as well as organized...  Read Post

Halloween 2020, The Sequel

We hope Halloween will be a happy one in what can only be called a crappy 2020. If you’ve never seen our original Halloween video, Working Late 2018, we’ve included it here for easy viewing. Will it become a trilogy? Only time will tell. It was also great to see PR Week and Adweek's AgencySpy...  Read Post

A Fast Car and Empty Streets

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Seed Factory collaborate with local companies to ramp up creativity during slower Covid-19 times. When business slows down, make lemonade. August 14, 2020 – Atlanta, GA – Seed Factory, an Atlanta-based advertising agency, partnered with Autohaus Social and Tunewelders, an audio experience company, to create an action-packed video that plays up the...  Read Post

The Women Who Inspire Us

We like to celebrate like it’s International Women’s Day every day at Seed Factory, but the official holiday falls on March 8. In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, members of our female-fronted PR team took a moment to share the women that inspire them most and why. Hilari, Senior Account Executive My great-grandmother,…  Read Post

Thought Leadership Successes

An integral part of our communications strategy we implement for our clients at Seed is thought leadership. For our manufacturing and building clients, it’s critical to position leaders within their companies as experts in their industries. We continually work with Atlas Roofing, one of our longest-standing clients, to share educational, thought-provoking content with their target…  Read Post

Top 4 Best Coffee Spots in Our Neighborhood

We take our coffee very seriously here at Seed. We firmly believe that there’s never a bad time for coffee and lucky for us, our agency just happens to be located close to some of our favorite coffee shops in Atlanta. Here is a list of our top 4 favorite local spots. The Poncey Highland…  Read Post

Storytelling: What Marketers Can Learn From Hollywood

At some point in your life, you’ve walked into a movie theater carrying an oversized bucket of popcorn and high hopes, sat down and prepared yourself to be dazzled by the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Only to find that 120 minutes later, you are left with a lackluster feeling of “why did I come watch this?”…  Read Post

Atlanta-based Manufacturer Gets a Brand Refresh

We love working with manufacturers on marketing and branding, helping them focus their message, improve their positioning and better reach their target audiences with strong visuals and writing. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to complete the first phase of an integrated marketing plan for our manufacturing client Unibloc Pump. Unibloc – an Atlanta-based...  Read Post

Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards

I attended the Ad Age Small Agency Conference last week for the first time. It was in New Orleans and since that’s such a short flight from Atlanta, I thought it’d be a nice place to network with other agency owners and learn a few things. It was a very organized, well run conference. This…  Read Post

Outdoor Brand Tagline Proves Test of Time

We hope all the outdoor brands and retailers had an amazing time at Outdoor Retailer in Denver last week. We were not there this year, but very much want a client that gives us reason to be there next year. What I did notice last week in Atlanta was REI’s outdoor billboard that sits atop…  Read Post

Video Pre-Production and Post: Helping your Brand Succeed

You’ve chosen a concept and approved a script. Now what happens? Well, we’ve all heard the phrase “quite a production.” If you’ve ever been around a film shoot, you know all too well what this means. Shooting video or TV commercials doesn’t mean a guy with a camera just shows up and starts shooting. What…  Read Post

Seed Factory Named a Top Atlanta PR Firm and Creative Agency

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks businesses in a number of categories. They use market research, service focus, and interviews with past clients (yes, they actually call our clients and talk to them as references!) to decide a company’s rank among hundreds or even thousands of businesses in the same industry….  Read Post

PR Content Strategy & SEO: Three Ways to Win

As you are planning your 2019 Content & PR Strategy, you should align it with your SEO efforts to win on search. Our agency approaches content strategy and SEO as a collaborative effort because without coordination and alignment, we find the efforts aren’t as impactful. These days, SEO is mostly driven by content & PR…  Read Post

Seed Year in Review | 2018

It’s been a fun year for us at Seed Factory, with lots of great work we are proud of and major milestones for our agency! We’ve travelled across the U.S. filming action-packed and memorable videos, from Breckenridge to Kansas City to Cincinnati and Orlando.  We’ve also branded a youth-led initiative for the CDC Foundation and...  Read Post

Video Strategies for Effective Marketing

Having produced over 30 videos in 2018, we’d like to share some thoughts on video strategy. You can effectively add compelling video to your marketing mix if you have a solid strategy for how it will be used. Video plays exceptionally well for both B2B and B2C audiences, opening up opportunities for nearly any industry...  Read Post

Social Media Tips for Working with the Instagram Algorithm

Thanks to the Instagram algorithm that was implemented in 2016, users see 90 percent of the posts from their friends and family, compared to only 50 percent before the Instagram feed algorithm was introduced. This year, Instagram shared the six key ranking factors publicly. Now that we know these factors, mastering the infamous algorithm has...  Read Post

Working Late at Seed Factory

We’ve all been there, working those late hours to get your presentation where you want it before your big account meeting, or creating concepts for new logos for a client. It’s a little scary but worth it. As videos are becoming more important in storytelling for all aspects of content marketing, our Creative Director, Mark…  Read Post

Content Marketing Strategy-Six Benefits

If you Google “content marketing strategy”, you’ll find more than 980 million page results. It’s undoubtedly been a hot topic over the past few years and if you have a marketing role, you are probably asked continuously about the best content strategy and approach. For PR professionals, content strategy isn’t new, but instead another term...  Read Post

Staff Highlight- Our Creative Inspirations

While a lot of times on our blog we talk about the work we’re proud of, our amazing clients, and our thoughts on the communication industry, we also think it’s important to share some behind-the-scenes insight into our agency culture and processes. Our small yet scrappy team is filled with creative individuals who all bring…  Read Post

Highlights from our Summer PR Successes

It’s been a busy summer for the Seed team, with exciting new branding assignments, video work, initiatives for the CDC Foundation and securing influential media coverage for our B2B and B2C clients. For some of our PR wins, we’ve flexed our best media muscles to secure earned media coverage, product placement and influential award listings…  Read Post

Atlanta: Moving Our Agency East

After six years in a beautiful office in west midtown Atlanta, we finally decided we had outgrown the space. We witnessed a lot of growth and change on the west side. We loved the walkability of our neighborhood. We enjoyed having Octane coffee a block away, the Atlanta Humane Society across the street, our favorite…  Read Post

FTC’s social media “Product Placement” rules vs. TV/Movie product placements

Since the Federal Trade Commission has been talking about “cracking down” on brands, ad agencies and PR firms in the social media space, I thought I’d take a better look at the FTC’s actual language. In a nutshell, the FTC wants social media “influencers” to clearly attribute posts as being an ad, sponsorship or endorsement…  Read Post

Seeking Creative Inspiration

As an account person who has worked with a large range of creative folks who have varying degrees of passion, I have learned that the best work comes from a creative team that cares. And by care, I mean a team that is inspired to produce the best work for the client. Sure, everyone wants…  Read Post

Tips for creating six-second commercials

You’ve probably heard that YouTube and Facebook are selling six second ads with FOX, the first TV network to experiment with the format. So how should marketers think about this new format that will gain steam in 2018? For one, don’t think of it as new. Anyone remember print advertising? Anybody remember Vine? Yep, the…  Read Post

Seed Factory Highlight Reel 2017

We don’t know of many U.S. advertising and creative agencies that have Highlight Reels. In the U.K. they call them “Showreels”, but I don’t think that’s a familiar term on this side of the pond. Production and post production companies have been using highlight reels for as long as I can remember, but ad agencies…  Read Post

Branding or Rebranding, Here Are Some Tips to Consider

It might be a total rebrand or it might be considered more of a brand update or refresh. Either way, it's probably one of the most significant marketing challenges the company will face in a given year and it's important to get it right. Here are a few tips from our experiences. Get decision makers...  Read Post

Outdoor Industry in Atlanta? Absolutely.

When people think about the Outdoor Sports Industry and which cities and states it thrives in, they usually don’t think of Georgia. What comes to your mind? California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon? Probably. But did you know that Georgia is only behind California, Florida and New York for outdoor recreation consumer spending? From what we can…  Read Post

Interbike 2016

The ever entertaining and fun crew at Vintage thought it would be good for me to walk around as an "Athlete" for an electric bike co. Funny. I’m back in Atlanta from Interbike and recovered by doing a real road ride and also a fun ride on Sunday. It was one of Atlanta's “Streets Alive”...  Read Post

Branding Emotion

Helping build a brand based on a powerful insight is our favorite type of work we do here at the agency. We had the opportunity to partner with Navicent Health to build a new, simple, understandable brand. Developing a branding campaign around a central truth is a tactic that all marketers can leverage within their…  Read Post

Mountain Biking and Everything Else Outdoors

A few of us around here have finally taken a break from working on our outdoor industry clients and gotten into our mountain bike groove this summer. It feels good. Atlanta has the good fortune of being situated 3 hours from a few of North Carolina’s best trails–the Pisgah/Brevard area and the Tsali/NOC area. I’ve…  Read Post

Werner Co. Wins PR Daily Award!

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Werner Co. for more than three years now and today received news that a recent campaign won the FIRST place prize in Ragan’s 2015 PR Daily Awards for best Product Launch. Exciting news! As background, Werner introduced an entirely new type of ladder to the market and through a…  Read Post

Outdoor Industry Ad Agency—Ready for Summer and You.

As the warm summer weather is upon us in Atlanta, we are getting outdoors a lot more. The miles are being put on the staff’s bicycles while the hiking boots and trail running shoes are being laced up much more often. We’re hoping to put in some epic trips this summer before making it to Outdoor Retailer in…  Read Post

Transparency in a Crisis is Crucial

The past 48 hours have been very telling for the Germanwings Flight 9525 crisis. While horrified by the tragedy, I would like to compliment the speed and transparency of which the information is being delivered to families and the public. With loss of life, especially of this magnitude, there is nothing more critical than to…  Read Post

How to Kill Your Brand Equity

We are hoping this Halloween that you BUILD your brand equity vs. killing it. We’ve listed below a few ways brands have killed their brand equity…don’t let this be you! 1. Be a Social Media Zombie – don’t respond to questions or comments. 2. Frankenstein your brand tone and personality. 3. Beat your customers bloody with…  Read Post

Ad Agency New Business for Outdoor and Non-Profit Clients

We’ve had a busy fall at our Atlanta ad agency with a couple of new business pitches. We won one, and didn’t win the other. We’re really excited about the business we won because it is in the outdoor industry and the company has huge potential to become a major brand, but we can’t talk…  Read Post

Healthcare Brand Launch

After nine months of planning, 900 names, 30+ logos and taglines, more than 20 teaser ads and over 300 press event participants, our team was thrilled to officially launch Navicent Health. The healthcare system, formerly known as Central Georgia Health System, has the second largest hospital in the state of Georgia (second to Emory), but...  Read Post

Free Marketing for the Sports and Outdoor Industry

That headline gets your attention doesn’t it? It’s actually not far from the truth. While we’re not offering our services for free, we do want to point out one very simple marketing solution that, if your company sells a product and isn’t doing this, you’re missing out on free branding. Any company that is in a…  Read Post

An Advertising Book Worth Reading

Hegarty On Advertising, Turning Intelligence in Magic is written by John Hegarty, who I would consider one of the great minds in modern advertising. His agency, BBH which started in London and now has offices in New York, Singapore and other global cities, is behind the amazing campaigns for Levi’s from the late 80’s through…  Read Post

Atlanta Ad Agencies—Business is Good

As the Atlanta economy picks up speed once again, many Atlanta ad agencies are feeling the uptick in business. Seed Factory has been around for almost 2.5 years and we’re busier than we’ve ever been. Our current roster of clients are keeping us busy with rewarding and challenging work. Currently we have some exciting projects…  Read Post

Every Touch Point Counts—From the first experience to delivery of the product or service

The Seed Factory crew was recently invited to a Nike ID party, where each person picks and customizes their own shoes.  It was a small event hosted by a trade magazine and every attention to detail was thought through by the brand. We left the store being a bigger fan than before. (Disclaimer: We do...  Read Post

Atlanta Snowpocalypse—Seed Factory Stayed Open!

Seed Factory is based in Atlanta. Sometimes we're embarrassed by that. We couldn't agree with Jon Stewart's humor more. The fun starts about 1:49 into this video: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook

Branded Video Content Ideas, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 Of How To Make A Memorable Video That Is Highly Viewed. These Tips Will Get You More Views And Help Build Your Brand. Don’t Forget To Review Steps 1-5 Below This Post. 6. Be weirder than weird. It’s always fascinating to watch weirdness and try to figure out why someone did something…  Read Post

Building a Brand with Video: How to Get More Views, part 1

Getting A Video Viewed By More Than The Amount Of Employees In Your Company Comes Down To Content Quality And Promotion (More On That Part Later), So Here's Some Ideas About What Makes A Good Branded Video. 1. Use physical comedy. We can’t stress this enough. People love physical comedy, and they love to share...  Read Post

Smart insights create human connections

Here’s an example of how a simple insight can lead to a strong campaign. It connects with users on an emotional level because it shows the company understands the culture and helps women indulge in their product without being taboo.

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta


New Print Campaign for Armpocket

This is the first published ad of many we created for our new client, Armpocket. This particular ad is B2B, but we've also produced 6 consumer print ads and 4 Flash banners ads since partnering with Armpocket on October 1st! With the original photography we shot in-house, that made for a busy, busy month of...  Read Post

Top 10 Best Margaritas in Atlanta

As we just hit our agency’s 3-year anniversary this week and we’ve launched a new website, we thought an internet-gift-to-you would be a nice commemoration. So here is what we think are the best margaritas in Atlanta in the form of a Top 10 for all our fellow Atlanta residents, and our out of town…  Read Post

Pearl Izumi Ad Humor Goes Over the Line, But—

There's the original ad, and then there's our suggested make-good ad. Pearl Izumi and their ad agency are taking some heat (see NBC News article) for taking their humor too far. This ad showing a dog that has died by trying to keep up with his owner (who can run so much farther wearing Pearl...  Read Post

Freestyle Kayaking World Championships

As the creative director of Seed Factory, I drove up to Nantahala Outdoor Center on Sunday to shoot some of the warm-ups to the Freestyle Kayaking World Championships. We'd love a Kayak client at the agency. Maybe if a brand like Dagger, Wave Sport, Jackson Kayak, or Confluence Watersports needs a new agency, they'll call...  Read Post

Outdoor Retailer 2013–The View from an Ad Agency

What a week in Salt Lake City at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market! (It's a trade show for the Outdoor Recreation industry). We had the opportunity to attend several thought-provoking sessions from leaders in the industry as well as see a ton of new products and proven brands. It’s been fun because we, as an...  Read Post

Want more brand ambassadors? Start with the ones you have.

Not sure who your true brand ambassadors are? Or when I say to start with the brand ambassadors you have, did you immediately think about how many “fans” your company has on Facebook? But what if I said I want you to start with your brand ambassadors that aren’t just your Facebook fans? Would you...  Read Post

How Healthcare Providers Can Benefit From Monitoring and Listening to Social Media Channels

With social media, healthcare providers now have greater insight into the patient experience than ever before. With patients going online to research their health and talk about their concerns, it’s essential for marketers to have a plan in place for monitoring social media conversations. Doing so enables you to: Become an Online Health Educator: Pay...  Read Post

Defining Earned, Owned or Paid Media Channels.

How can brands successfully connect with and continue to highlight relevant content for their audiences? One way is to not abandon a traditional communications approach and weight all of your efforts on social media platforms that are continually changing. It is important to maintain a balanced mix. Companies should not rely too heavily on Facebook, Twitter…  Read Post

Tres de Mayo Party

We're having a party on Friday, May 3rd and if you know know us, (or want to bring some business our way!) you're certainly invited. Please, no juniors looking for jobs. We get enough of those resumés to fill a much larger office than we have. :) Also, so you know, we couldn't get a Mariachi...  Read Post

Good SEO is Key

We don't promote ourselves as SEO specialists, but we do have an idea or two about how to get companies to page one of Google search. It takes some time, effort and a small investment, but if your company isn't on page one for a few key search terms that are relevant to your business,...  Read Post

Pro Sports Week at Seed Factory

Wow, what a week! We filmed a TV commercial on Tuesday starring WWE wrestlers Rey Mysterio and Alicia Fox, who are appearing in a new client spot that will air during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible clients to produce two TV spots for the NCAA over the past...  Read Post

Guest Speaker at The Creative Circus

A few weeks ago our Creative Director, Mark Sorensen, had the chance to speak at Atlanta advertising school The Creative Circus during their weekly Friday Forum. He was a last minute addition to the schedule, but none the less had a packed auditorium of eager students willing to listen to what he had to say....  Read Post

Our Atlanta Agency Moves Into Modern Office Space

We recently just signed a lease and are beginning to move into a beautiful new modern space in Midtown West! With 25’ windows, a loft-style setting and dramatic Atlanta skyline views from the large third floor balcony, we will be hosting lots of client meetings and receptions to enjoy the new space. Our new space...  Read Post

What Is A Tissue Session?

We just had a very productive and positive TISSUE SESSION with a new client. On the drive out to see the client, I started thinking about an ad club luncheon where an account guy talked about “tissue sessions” and where the name originally came from. He said the term was used by agencies that are...  Read Post

Atlanta Agency, Seed Factory, Launches New Client Site

As animal advocates, the partners at Seed Factory, a PR and advertising firm, are passionate about working with companies who have a strong mission for what they do on a daily basis. When Atlanta Humane Society needed an Atlanta agency to develop a robust and easy-to-update website, we were honored to be selected as their...  Read Post

The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing

Having made it over the transition hump from college graduate to gainfully employed PR and ad agency staffer, I have had my fair share of interviews. It’s fascinating to be “on the inside” and hear what agencies deal with as they search to fill more positions. Because of this, I’ve decided to provide a few...  Read Post

What does a nude Prince Harry have to do with Advertising?

Everything. It shows the power of a smart positioning strategy and execution. It was Las Vegas’ great advertising campaign that got him in this naked trouble after all, right? Now while I may be a bit tongue-in-cheek about this, you have to wonder if the Prince didn’t take Las Vegas’ great brand positioning of “What…  Read Post

Videos That Sell

We’re very happy to be working with our new client, Arborguard. They have a fantastic business ethic and have being caring for the urban trees in Atlanta and the southeast for 31 years. We just finished a video to help them demonstrate the benefits of a new machine they purchased. The best thing about it…  Read Post

GoDaddy and Deutsche Get it Right

Have you seen the new GoDaddy commercials running during the olympics? They are 1,000 times better than the old, tasteless GoDaddy stuff. I had to look up who was behind this wonderful improvement in GoDaddy’s marketing and found out that an equity firm bought 3/4 share in GoDaddy and immediately put a qualified agency in…  Read Post

Seed Factory Photo Makes the Local News

This amazing photo of a lightning strike over downtown Atlanta made the local news and got Seed Factory Marketing a little plug in the process. We set up a camera on the 17th floor of The Atlantic in Atlantic Station and created about 50 images using a 15 second exposure. This was the best image...  Read Post

Seed Factory Likes a Good Party

The partners at Seed Factory Marketing in Atlanta enjoy a good benefit or celebratory party now and then. Last month our creative director was the emcee for Atlanta Humane Society’s Pet Parade fundraiser. With no practice, Mark stepped up and provided entertainment and a great run-of-show. The only downside was when a woman cornered him…  Read Post

Who’s Been in the Widget Business Before?

Has anyone at your current advertising or PR agency owned a company outside of advertising or PR? Have they owned a company where they must sell something by using advertising and PR? I would bet, most often, the answer is no. I ask these questions because it dawned on us recently, while updating our website’s…  Read Post

Staying Busy is a Good Thing.

I walked past a USA Today newspaper at Panera Bread and the cover story was something to the likes of, "Country's mood is optimistic about the economy". All of the clients and friends I ask, "How's it going?" usually reply with a "really busy". And I believe they are. Everyone I know seems to be...  Read Post

Werner Ladders TV Spot

Werner Ladders approached us to produce a web video that would run on and during the March Madness NCAA Basketball Championship. The trick was that we only had three weeks to concept, present storyboards and produce it. It was exactly the type of challenge we wanted to have to get our new Atlanta…  Read Post

MODA Client wins Gold & Bronze ADDY

We're so happy for our wonderful clients at Museum of Design Atlanta who just won a gold and bronze Addy Award for our work with them on the bathroom design exhibit and the Graphic Intervention Exhibit on international AIDS posters. We're so happy for our wonderful clients at Museum of Design Atlanta who just won...  Read Post

Seed Factory Loves Dogs

Plain and simple, as an Atlanta advertising agency, we do what we can to help companion animals in our community. We have been fostering a dog who has spent the whole 8 months of her life in a shelter and recently got the chance to promote her on the local news. It was a fun…  Read Post

Are You a RecordSetter? We Are.

Opening up the site today, we saw our friend’s company being featured front and center. (Check it out here). He’s a former copywriter partner of ours that has left traditional advertising to start He’s regularly featured on Jimmy Fallon and gets to be the official record referee for famous people like Cameron Diaz…  Read Post

NYC, LA or ATL for Production?

The nice thing about finally upgrading to an iPhone 4 from the 3GS, is that I cleaned out my photo album and found these photos from the last time we were producing a TV commercial in NYC. We've produced great TV commercials in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Toronto and Vancouver, but you still can't beat NYC or...  Read Post

Flag Planted

This is our first blog post which is really nothing more than saying we’ve staked our claim in the digital soil of the internets. Two solid days of building this site and we’re live with Google Analytics, a Flickr account and all. Heck, we even have a client! Thank you Alliance Theater for being our…  Read Post

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