Mark Sorensen

For the Love of Advertising

I love advertising. There I said it. I know so many of us (and I’m guilty of it) are afraid to use the “ad” word these days. We go to great lengths to not call ourselves an advertising agency. We’re a creative content agency. We’re a big ideas agency. We’re a hybrid creative marketing shop....  Read Post

Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards

I attended the Ad Age Small Agency Conference last week for the first time. It was in New Orleans and since that’s such a short flight from Atlanta, I thought it’d be a nice place to network with other agency owners and learn a few things. It was a very organized, well run conference. This…  Read Post

Outdoor Brand Tagline Proves Test of Time

We hope all the outdoor brands and retailers had an amazing time at Outdoor Retailer in Denver last week. We were not there this year, but very much want a client that gives us reason to be there next year. What I did notice last week in Atlanta was REI’s outdoor billboard that sits atop…  Read Post


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