Atlanta Marketing Agencies

Atlanta Marketing Agencies

As a marketing director, CMO or CEO, finding an Atlanta Marketing Agency can be a time-consuming effort. You have to find the right service offerings, work or portfolio you admire and good human connections. We don’t believe that industry experience is always necessary, but it can depend on if it’s a complicated B2B space. Seed Factory is mostly project-based and focused on Creative Content, Branding and PR for national brands with small marketing teams, but we play well in the sand box with other agencies that might be on your roster.



BBDO – You’ll want to be a large, national or international brand and want a retainer-agreement to partner with this international agency with an office in Atlanta. Make sure you have at least a million dollar per year budget or you’ll be a small, ignored fish in their big pond.

22 Squared – Located in midtown, this agency is what we’d classify as an Atlanta legacy. One of the original ATL agencies, with a long, storied history, they are based in midtown and do great work for national and regional consumer brands. Relationships will almost exclusively be retainer-based. Have a solid budget, expect your work to get spread out among senior and junior team members and probably be a B2C brand to get the best service from the partnership.

Fitzco –  We’re surprised they won “Small Ad Agency of the Year” since we view them as a fairly large agency in Atlanta. Partnerships will largely be retainer-based. You’ll see from their website, they are going for youthful and hip, but to us the work and site feel busy and chaotic. If that fits your brand, get in touch with them because they have a strong history of doing good work for brands that fit their mold.



Chemistry – They live to create work that influences culture and creates business opportunities. It includes four offices and spans virtually every marketing discipline. But regardless of individual areas of expertise, they state that it is their diversity in people and perspectives that define the agency.

Brunner – Brain power for business climate changeTM is their trademarked tagline. Their site states that they are a customer-centric marketing services agency that helps turn your challenges into successful outcomes. (We not even sure what all of this means, but they’ve found success as an agency.)

Blue Sky – They use data, research, and creativity to find the clearest, most direct path to results. A creative solutions partner that believes evolution can be born out of the opportunity new conditions offer. A partner that is adaptable under any conditions.

Dagger – Offering clients a full suite of offerings designed to bring brands to market with speed and capitalize on an ever-changing landscape, including brand and content strategy, storytelling, campaign thinking, media connections, and more.

Definition6 – They bring curiosity and innovation to the solutions that drive their clients’ growth. They create customer experiences that get quantifiable results. They are analytics experts who help brands make decisions based on data – leveraging those insights to create results-driven customer experiences. The site states that they are “an Emtec company”.

Dalton – This Jacksonville-first Atlanta agency seems to be full of people people as it states on their website–Since 1989, truly understanding people has been a unique trait of ours, not just a by-product of a process.  Most of the senior people seem to be in Jacksonville.



Seed Factory – That’s us! We like to begin on a project basis and build relationships from there. We help clients with creative content, graphic design and copywriting, video production and photography, ad campaigns and PR efforts. Our name came from the idea of helping clients find a brand positioning or an emotional campaign message and planting it in an audience’s mind. Now working out of Atlanta and SoCal,

Clementine Creative Agency – Seems to have a focus on local retail and real estate marketing and branding. Based in Marrieta, GA they say Clementine delivers engaging marketing that is more than just a pretty face. It is the refined tool of a carefully crafted strategy aimed at your brand objectives.

Anthem Branding Co.  – They help brands find their anthem. Based out of Roswell, GA this agency was former by a couple of ex-Ogilvy people. Their site shows a lot of work that was created back in those days, but we know they are producing good work for smaller clients in multiple industries across B2C and B2B.

Ampersand – A woman-run strategic design studio since 2013. They offer boutique design with tack sharp strategy, a surprisingly uncommon pairing.

VWA – Their site states that they deliver compelling, innovative and infinitely shareable creative solutions that stand out for clients. With over 30 years working with regional and national B-to-C and B-to-B brands, they are about creative solutions that produce measurable results.

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