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Because we care more about our clients’ success and the work, than agency profits. Granted profitability matters, but it doesn’t drive us, it follows us. We do great work and success follows. It has for over ten years.

Angie Maddox and Mark Sorensen started the agency after years of working at large, tier one agencies. Both are very successful and respected in their fields of PR and Advertising. They’ve won awards, made clients happy and moved clients’ growth trajectories.

They started Seed Factory to bring the best of large agency Creative and PR skills to a nimble, independent agency culture. They wanted to be an agency that was owned and run by makers, not managers.

Today, we have an amazing team, while continuing to exist for the sole purpose of doing great omni-channel work for national and regional manufacturers, CPGs and service providers.

Let’s talk. You’ll soon feel the passion we have for every client engagement.

Why We Exist


As an integrated marketing agency based in Atlanta, we focus on digital and traditional advertising, PR and design, including social media, branding, positioning and creative. We work with national and regional B2C and B2B brands that care about ideas and craft. Often times we work with challenger brands, but also with some category leaders to keep them ahead of the curve. From project and creative briefs, through ideas and execution, you can be assured you’ll get talented people working on your brand. Because of our backgrounds at large agencies, we know what it takes to stand out. But now we operate in a much more nimble package because you have to move at the speed of digital in today’s marketing world. With a team of strategists, media planners, creatives and PR professionals, we have a huge network of the most talented people in the country and in-house. If there’s a part of the project or agreed upon strategy that doesn’t play to our strengths, we’ll collaborate with another agency of your choosing or that we recommend.


Emotion and human insights are how we connect brands with audiences. People make decisions with their hearts, then justify with facts, figures and benefits that support their decisions. We get to B2C and B2B audiences by focusing on extended benefits, then rationalize with product or service benefits, facts and support points. We use positioning, tone or voice (humor, wit, heart-strings), shared-experiences, entertainment, education and more to build your brand.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Research and Consumer Insights
  • Consumer Definition
  • Integrated Marketing Plans

  • Video Production
  • All Creative Content
  • Digital, Print & Social, Radio, TV, OOH
  • Copywriting & Art Direction

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Design is so important because it often creates a person’s first-impression of a brand. Without great design and imagery, acceptance of your message is that much more difficult. Because of this, we bring a keen eye and years of experience to everything we do.

  • Logo Development
  • Identity Systems
  • Brand Style Guides

  • Marketing Brochures & Collateral
  • Photography
  • Trade Show Graphics

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Public Relations

Promoting your brand, product or initiative driven stories is crucial for growth. We know how to develop compelling messages for a variety of stakeholders. From business partners to influential media and consumers, we identify the right approach, timing and channels to create a memorable and successful public relations campaign.

  • Media Pitching for B2C and B2B
  • Case Studies & Thought Leadership
  • Social Media Strategy & Activation
  • Positioning and Messaging

  • Product Launches
  • Consumer Education
  • Content Strategy & SEO
  • Influencer Marketing

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Digital Marketing

We understand how to market in a digital age, from macro to micro targeting audiences to using SEO to shape content and PR efforts. We develop the strategy to deliver better results. We can target audiences through paid search, social and YouTube. We can help you find, target and engage with your audiences where they live online.

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • UX/UI Design

  • Integrated Online Marketing Strategies
  • Banner Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Feeding the social media beast takes a concerted effort. Like anything, it requires time, dedication and quality content, especially when building engagement. Once we understand your brand, conduct competitive and industry audits and create the right tone and approach by social channel, we work to proactively share your voice with your online community. We work with the algorithm, not against it. We create great social media content with stellar engagement.

  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Influencer Relations
  • Targeted Advertising

  • Creative Content
  • Concepts
  • Photography
  • Video and Animation

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Our Team

As Yoda once said, “Smaller in numbers are we, but larger in mind.” That’s the agency model that works for us and our clients. The in-house, day-to-day team is small, smart and efficient, but our network of long-term contractors is large and accomplished.

We bring our knowledge to your brand in a nimble, efficient package. Take a look at our leadership and some of our Super Team.

Angie Maddox
Angie Maddox
Managing Partner + PR Director
A strategic public relations professional, Angie has more than twenty years of agency and corporate experience working with brands including Werner Ladders, Anchor Hocking, Vibe Kayaks, Best Buy and The Home Depot. She has worked at both west coast and Atlanta PR agencies. Having served in a leadership role directing large teams and strategic planning on major PR initiatives, she applies her sharpness to every client challenge. Skills honed over years working with national media, consumers, CEOs and social influencers make her an invaluable asset to every client on the Seed Factory roster.

She brings a broad range of expertise that includes driving brand PR for consumer clients, leading product launches for B2B companies and managing consumer-education initiatives for leading retailers. Her experience in developing integrated marketing strategies and communications plans is an asset for any brand.

Mark Sorensen
Mark Sorensen
Partner + Creative Director
An award-winning creative director dedicated to smart strategy and positioning, Mark oversees the exceptional output of the agency. He has proven experience in knowing what it takes to stand out in the marketplace and make a memorable impression in digital, social, TV and every other medium available. He ensures brands clearly communicate from an engaging and tone-appropriate position no matter what the medium.
He has worked for a variety of national and regional brands including AT&T, Navicent Health, Bosch Geothermal, Capital One Banks, ING Financial, REI Outdoor Retailer and Werner Ladders.

Mark consistently delivers creative solutions that receive client praise and industry award recognition, including a prestigious Emmy Award nomination and a “Best Spot of the Year” accolade from Adweek magazine. He has been published in Communication Arts magazine, Luerzer’s Archive, and Print magazine. In the past he has taught creative concept classes as well as strategy classes in the Minneapolis and Atlanta advertising agency communities.

Super Team
Super Team
Creatives + Strategists + More
Besides our rockstar full-time staff, here is an example of the contractor power we bring in for projects:

John S. (view work here) is a senior copywriter and creative director who’s appeared in One Show and Communication Arts. He’s won National Addy’s, local and regional Best of Show, been a finalist in the Radio Mercury Awards and taken home a half dozen Effie’s to boot. Besides helping Seed Factory, his client experience includes AT&T, vitaminwater, Pizza Hut, Intercontinental Hotels Group, CapitalOne, UPS, ING, Coca-Cola and Ritz-Carlton.

Troy L. (view work here) has been a copywriter, creative director and agency owner during his 20+ years in advertising. He has won major industry awards, including a Radio Mercury award plus a handful of One Show pencils. Most notably, one of his TV commercials was literally written into an Episode of Friends. He’s help build brands like Apple, Subaru, Volvo, The North Face, Sesame Street and Belvedere Vodka, to name a few.

Frank H. is our superstar developer. He can program anything and then house it in an easy to use CMS like WordPress. We like to brag that he’s German because his efficiency and orderly attention to detail is such a perfect German stereotype that is also brilliant to have in your developer.

Joe K. is one of the brand planners we use for advertising and branding assignments. Although he lives in NYC, we fly him down as often as needed for client engagements and workshops. He has been on the client side with Absolut vodka and has led many Fortune 500 clients through positioning from the agency side.

Craig M. has worked as a copywriter and creative director in London, Boulder, LA and Atlanta. You would recognize his work on brands like Domino’s, Burger King and more. He is definitely a top-of-the-food-chain writer.


We’re fairly humble and even if we weren’t, we’d like you to hear from someone else. To us, that’s the power of PR—getting others to write about your brand. So we’ve done it for ourselves with a little pleading, prodding and begging. We’re delighted with the below testimonials and we think you’ll be delighted working with us.

We’re so glad to have found Seed Factory. They have done a phenomenal job for us. The speed and efficiency in which they produce such great work is a testament to how much they care for their clients’ success.
Stacy Gardella,
Vice President—Brand Marketing
Werner Ladders
Thanks for helping us create a great brand and consistent messaging. We appreciate Seed Factory and all the amazing support and work that you provided our team. We continue to get great feedback on the rebranding.
Pierce Nelson,
Vice President for Communications
CDC Foundation
Since beginning work with Seed Factory, our earned media impressions have skyrocketed. They secured 75 stories for us in 2018. Their video, design, and website work has improved our branding across the entire division.
Steve Heaton,
Vice President, Insulation Division
Atlas Roofing
Seed Factory is a wonderful agency partner. They understand our needs, are flexible and patient, open and transparent, have positive attitudes and are always in good-spirits. They go out of their way to be accessible and are a pleasure to work with.
Mimi Lamote,
Global CMO
Seed Factory delivered an impressive website refresh, earning the approval of internal and external stakeholders. The team communicated quickly and efficiently. What stood out is their genuine interest and passion for creating a high quality deliverable.
Maria Matlack,
Head of Marketing & PR
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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